Time to move

It has now been more than 3 years since I last posted on my blog. Several things came up and had to be dealt with – my profession being the biggest culprit! I haven’t been able to do justice to my amateur blogging attempt. I’ve decided to call it a day for this blog – at least for now.

So, now what? A new blog, perhaps.

Why a new blog rather than renovating this one? The present blog was, well, random. It wasn’t a mistake. It was meant to be that way – to be a ‘pensieve’ for my thoughts. But over time, things have changed; the world has changed; my thoughts and outlooks have changed. So much so, that I can’t believe it was actually me who started this blog in the first place!

A big THANK YOU to all you wonderful people who followed and read this blog. You guys were the driving force for me to keep going at a time when I knew absolutely nothing about blogging.

When will the new blog be ready? I have no idea whatsoever. That is because, firstly, I am working on plans about how to style and channel my writing more effectively. Secondly, I wish to be more involved this time round. And that in turn will happen only when I find proper time.

Anyway, if you guys would like an update about my new page – or, you know, just talk about random stuff – do email me at alphaditya@gmail.com or drop in a comment and I will get back to you.

See you on the other side. 🙂


That feeling!

So I’m back to The Garden City. And it’s deja vu time! Re-living my days spent here back in 2010. Bengaluru has grown like an obese child, bursting at its seams. Traffic has gone from bad to worse. Ill planned infrastructure is now haunting the residents even as the largely apathetic administration struggles to keep pace.

Politics aside.. It’s crazy.. that feeling. Then and now.. How you feel that you were so young and naive whenever you look at your younger self! The struggle to get into residency, the struggle to grow older, the fascination of the future.

But half a decade later, I still feel unfinished and incomplete. Life never ceases to amaze you and surprise you. And maybe this instability is what keeps you going and striving towards perfection. Otherwise, wouldn’t life be so boring? 🙂

Happy Birthday

To the philosopher who had unearthed the definition of life

To the dreamer who belonged in a world much ahead of ours

To the gentleman who led his life on principles

To the joker who made us laugh through times good and bad

To the teacher who knowingly and unknowingly taught us lessons of life

To the friend who created memories to last a lifetime

To the guy who stood by his friends, come what may

To the man who was one when we were still boys

To the guide who made me understand the true meaning of my existence

To the legend I idolize

To Pranam. Happy birthday bro. Wherever you are, I know you are watching us. I know I am not hallucinating when I hear your booming voice in my head egging me on, just like the old times. Coz I don’t believe you are gone. I will keep hoping that you will return soon and surprise all of us with that naughty smile of yours and say, ‘I was only kidding, I was amongst you the whole time!’ If you are really joking, please stop it and come back soon. The world needs people like you. We need you. Till then, stay happy wherever you are.  Miss you bro.

Saffron, white and green

’tis that time of the year again when patriotism is in the air; the tri-colour all over headlines and timelines.

The one thing that binds all Indians together irrespective of religion, caste and creed.

It may be short-lived in this modern world, but it is genuine – something that brings the worldwide Indian community closer; something that makes us proud.

You can take an Indian out of India, but you can never take India out of an Indian.

The one time when the sense of patriotism supercedes all the ills that plague us.

The I-day school march past in childhood, the jalebi, the national anthem – pleasant memories. 🙂

Long Live India. Jai ho!

Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/indias-64th-independence-day/article572547.ece#im-image-0
Source: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/indias-64th-independence-day/article572547.ece#im-image-0

How replaceable am I?

People often gauge their achievements by the amount they have earned and learned or the success they have achieved.

My own version of achievement (which I myself discovered recently) is that I cannot judge my success. I frankly don’t know what is that threshold which will give me the, “Ah! Finally!’ feeling.

That made me think. And I came to a simple conclusion. How replaceable am I?

It may be at work or with personal relationships or any damn situation. If I am replaceable, then I am not fit to be in that place; I have not reached my goal. If someone would miss my work or my presence – now that would be something.

But then again, that would be being selfish.

I am confused all over again!

Long time

It is about time that I justified the abrupt and prolonged absence of the virtual me.

Happy to let you guys know that I got into residency program for the course of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Jaipur. Very few times in life do you actually get that feeling. That feeling of getting what you love. That feeling of achievement.

It has been a nightmare for the past couple of months working extra time – and many times through the night. Though physically exhausting, it is extremely satisfying because it is something that I love doing and something that I have been craving for. But the important thing is that I am doing what I love; and that is what matters.

Anyway, I will be back in a few months once I get things under control 😀

Until then.. Cheers guys!! Take care!!

You love something. And you love someone.

Are these two very different?

Can you ever love ‘an object’ as much as ‘a person’?

Can they even be equated?

Stupid thought crossed my mind. Felt like putting it out there.

First impressions

First impressions generally tend to sway towards extremes of good or bad. You either feel “Wow, he is so awesome!”, or “OMG! She is so beautiful” or “This place is so boring”.

I may be wrong, but this is what I generally experience. And sometimes it is better left at that. Because there is a dark side to everyone, which is better left unexplored.

I also usually have very strong first impressions about people/places/things. And more often than not, it takes a lot of effort to change that.

For eg, if I have a bad first impression about XYZ, it takes my mind a lot of convincing and suppression to accept later on that he is actually quite amicable.

Call me judgemental, but unfortunately (or fortunately), that’s how I work. My emotions are impulsive and rigid. It is hard to change.


Today I’m 10,000 days old on my favourite planet, the Earth.

What kind of weirdo keeps track of such a milestone (if I can call it that), you say? Well I thought that too.

Many months ago, when I was utterly jobless and surfing the net, I chanced upon a site which gave weird stats like this one. I had subconsciously kept a reminder for this day and conveniently forgot about it.

Until today. When my phone beeped to wish me ‘Happy 10,000th day’.

I was like “Huh?”. It took a few seconds for me to completely comprehend what I was reading.

It brought a smile to my face when I thought about my stupid self setting a reminder for this day. Being 10,000 days old is probably not a great achievement. Nothing to celebrate either.

But I already crossed 18. And then 25. Probably the next milestone would be the half-century. Until then I might as well contend myself with an intermediate one. :p

10,000 days on Planet Earth. And what have I achieved thus far? Though not a complete failure, I’m still skeptical about myself. Have I done enough? Have I seen enough? Have I touched enough hearts? Have I actually achieved something?

Maybe yes. Maybe not so much. Either way, I probably have another 10,000 at least (I hope). And I may as well use this day to remind myself to do more, see more, be a better person. After all, what else is life?


I work at a teaching hospital in a small district in India. Treating the sick is not only my job, but the kind of humanity that I believe in.

For this week’s photo challenge, I have attempted to put together few photographs of patients that we treated at our hospital. The quality of the photographs may not be all that great, but the satisfaction and happiness that those pictures give is unimaginable.

So here are a few snaps…

1. A 22 year old mother who couldn’t hold back her tears when she saw her child for the first time. Both of them were admitted in different ICUs following a operative misadventure. I was lucky to capture this pic at the right moment.




2. This young man came with a bad lung infection which was eventually corrected by surgery. This ‘before’ and ‘after’ pic is the fuel that keeps us going. 🙂




3. This picture shows an 83 year old with his grandson in the background. Neglected at home, this gentleman was brought to us in a very bad state. He had to undergo an amputation of his leg. And this pic was when he was being rehabilitated.



I could probably go on and on. But each of these people have a story to tell, which is beyond the scope of this post! So, here is a collection of few other favourite patients…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



In response to Weekly Photo Challenge – Humanity

DON(‘t upd)ATE.

The dictionary defines ‘donate’ as ‘to give (money or goods) for a good cause, for example to a charity’.

I wish for all the people to actually understand what that means. Because in the wake of the recent Ice Bucket Challenge, the word seems to have lost its meaning.

Donating for a good cause is a noble deed. Any kind of donation – monetary, social support and even just your time – is valuable.

But, I bet all of you saw (and continue to see) the challenge supporting the ALS group. Donate 100 bucks or save 90, take the challenge and nominate 3 others. The idea in itself, I must say, was quite interesting in that the nomination chain kept continuing ensuring more donations.

Where it got irritating was when facebookers started trolling it and started using it as a joke. It just poked fun on the diseased adding insult to injury.

I am not implying that one disease is more serious and the other is trivial. A disease is a suffering, however less people it may inflict. No arguments there.

But there should certainly be a line, right? I don’t know if it’s just me, but my earnest advice is that if you really want to donate, donate. Not to update your FB status, but for the cause.

Donate. Don’t update.

The Coconut




Bow to the Almighty, shed the negativity

Break open the ego, let the soul flow

Frayed the coconut may be

But with Him, peace be with thee

Among Hindus, coconut holds a symbolic value in worshiping any deity. The hard shell generally is considered to be one’s ego which is broken to let the water (one’s soul) out and then taste the fruit after bowing to God.

This week Indians celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in honor of Lord Ganesha. I took this photo during the pooja at my house. In the background, you can see the turmeric, fruits and flowers offered during pooja. It coincided well with the challenge of the week Fray and, hence, this post.


A small disclaimer: I am not religious. More of a hypotheist. More on that in a future post. Keep visiting. 🙂

The cutest God is here!

When the fervor of Ganesh Chaturthi is in the air, even an atheist is overwhelmed. Such is the passion and devotion!

Ganapati is just one of the thousand deities worshiped in India. So what makes him special? Well, there are plenty of reasons. But for me, it is primarily because – let’s face it – he is the cutest!

Source: http://tinyurl.com/mm47l7n

Gods’ generally are depicted as composed, serene and smiling and Goddesses as charming and beautiful. But the general projection of Ganesha is a strong and defiant, obedient one. He is also worshiped before beginning any new task, as his blessings are considered auspicious.

Why he has an elephant head, is a lengthy and interesting story (which can be found here). Putting it briefly, an angered Lord Shiva (his father) had apparently cut off Ganesha’s head when the latter did not heed his command, because he was in turn carrying out Parvati’s (his mother) orders. When Parvati demanded that the deed be undone, his body was retrofitted with an elephant head!

Pre-independent Indians were banned by the Britishers from getting together as a crowd so as to preemptively quash any revolution in the making. Festivals, however, were not banned. Lokmanya Tilak used this to his advantage and popularized public celebrations of the festival to inspire unity. And I personally think that it was a pretty cool idea.

Nevertheless, this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm among the Western and Southern parts of India. I have witnessed it through my childhood and I still enjoy it every year. More than anything, it is an occasion for a get-together of the extended family.

The celebrations go on for about a couple of weeks. I will attempt to capture glimpses and post them if possible.

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