Catching up!

Chaddi buddies

July wasn’t in vain after all. Yeah! After spending thousands of my non-earned money and travelling countless miles across the country for a mission that eventually remained unfinished..

At least I met two of my closest buds from childhood. And that did compensate for a whole lot of frustration! Discussing things, incidents and people from school and college was more exciting than I ever thought it would be. The blabber was so effortless and spontaneous. Brought back good old memories (and a few bad ones too, if I may call them that).

To all who knew me back then, I’d like to stay in touch guys. If you happen to come across me anywhere, do give me a call or leave a message. It’d definitely be fun to catch up. So long amigos!


The semis for a complete neutral

I’m not a huge football fan by definition. I don’t ruin my sleep watching strangers play a sport that I barely follow. My football vocabulary is fairly average in that, I know: Messi = newest sensation; C. Ronaldo = fancy haircuts; England = pathetic losers despite hosting the world’s largest football premier league. So and so forth. Continue reading The semis for a complete neutral

That moment when Sharapova said “I don’t.”

“Do you know Sardara Singh?”

“Nope. Who is that?”

“He is the captain of our national hockey team.”

“Oh okay.”


“How about Jonah Lomu or Kieran Read?”

“No idea sirji. 

“They are amongst the all-time legends of rugby.”

“Cool.. So what?”


A few days back a Russian tennis star responded similarly to a question, “Do you know Sachin Tendulkar?” Continue reading That moment when Sharapova said “I don’t.”