The semis for a complete neutral

I’m not a huge football fan by definition. I don’t ruin my sleep watching strangers play a sport that I barely follow. My football vocabulary is fairly average in that, I know: Messi = newest sensation; C. Ronaldo = fancy haircuts; England = pathetic losers despite hosting the world’s largest football premier league. So and so forth.

I do check out all the scores post-matchday though. But the last couple of days were… weird!

First, I wake up to a mind-boggling scoreline of 7-1 with the Germans handing the host nation their worst world cup defeat in their history.

The next day, I wake up to a score of 0-0 over two hours of play and a match that was settled on penalties. What was the secret to that win? Leo’s charm, maybe.

The final scores were definitely contrasting, to say the least. But, both matches bore similarity in the fact that they were unfair – in the former, because fans in the football-crazy nation surely didn’t deserve the humiliation; and in the latter because penalties are well… unfair.


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