I am sober – and I’m proud of it.

Yes, I don’t drink. So what?

Certain people do certain things. And certain people don’t do certain things. It’s a personal preference.

“You don’t drink? Seriously?”   Yes, I don’t. Is it so hard to believe? Just because you have a weak mind and tipple to lower your inhibitions, doesn’t make me less of a person. In fact, I may more likely have a stronger mind than you do.

“Drinking is a sign of the ‘real man’. Don’t be a sissy.”   A ‘real man’ doesn’t require alcohol to face his problems or to have fun. I attempt to solve my problems on my own without depending on spirits. Time to return to ‘real’ity, sir.

“C’mon, don’t be shy. Try it.”   I don’t shy away from drinking per se. I shy away from the thought of letting booze take control of my actions. You are already wasted. Don’t waste another life.

“You are missing out on the good part of life.”   I am happy the way I am. If there is anything that can make me happier, alcohol is the last thing on that list.

“Hey, I’m sorry for what I said/did last night. That wasn’t me. That was the alcohol talking.”   Be a man and own up to what you said/did. You probably deserve double the punishment.

“A li’l alcohol is actually good for your body.”   Well, so is exercise and a balanced diet. When was the last time you jogged and ate healthy on a regular basis?

“You need to drink to socialize.”   No. You need to be social to socialize. Alcohol, on the other hand, can unmask the ‘anti-social’ in you.

It pains me to see a person ‘drinking for fun’ turn to ‘occasional drinker’ turn to ‘social drinker’  which most often culminates in ‘addiction’.

Problems? If alcohol was a problem-solver, then beer barons would have been saints. Isn’t it wiser to face your problems than use alcohol as a shield.

Fun? There are a million other things in life to do for fun which are better (and inexpensive) substitutes. Hobbies, trips, friends, books… An addiction to these is welcome!

Lastly, how about this…

  • Is there anyone who you have ever respected/loved MORE because they drank?
  • Is there anyone who you’ve respected/loved more because they DIDN’T drink?

If you answered YES and NO respectively, maybe you and I are two very different people!

The very fact that I chose to write a post explaining myself is proof that something is not right. The mindset, to put it bluntly.

Think. Retrospect. Choose.

If you still think there is a valid justification, you have all the rights to continue. But, you most certainly do not have the right to belittle someone sober.

Because I am sober – and I’m proud of it.

[PS: If you drink, this post should offer you a different point of view. If you are sober, you are most probably in the same train as me. Either way, do share your thoughts.]


19 thoughts on “I am sober – and I’m proud of it.”

  1. I booze occasionally with friends. and not for problems or fun. it is just a way of life. anyway the post is well written and I respect your perspective. keep writing!


  2. I used to live to party getting drunk and high were so necessary, so I thought, in my late teens and early 20’s. That is until I witnessed an older cousin, who I love, waste away her life down the nozzle of the bottle. It’s very difficult to watch someone, throughout your life, go from being a social/party drinker to a full blown alcoholic with all the health scares that come along with it. You are most certainly correct when you say it is a waste of a life. Needless to say, I NO longer drink, smoke weed, I even gave up cigarettes. “I Am Sober and I Am Proud”
    Many blessings to you!

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    1. Very true. As a doctor I keep seeing people who destroy not only their own life, but their innocent family’s too. The earlier one recognizes the vice, the better. Appreciate your decision to quit. 🙂


  3. I actually didn’t realise I was becoming addicted to alcohol sometime last year. It’s a bad place to be. I used to drink every single day. But I have been sober for a few months. Now i drink here and there, it is no longer a life threatening issue if i don’t drink. I have lost a couple of friends along the way because of staying sober, but that’s okay, at least now I can make clearer and more informed decisions.


  4. Good for you. Your friends might understand your decision at some point or another, And you will also make new friends. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂


  5. This post mirrored my thoughts exactly. Most kids at my college spend their weekends drinking, and no matter how much they try to get me to join, I refuse to. Besides the fact that alcohol just tastes terrible, I’m confident enough in my ability to socialize without an aid, and I like being 100% in control of my actions! It’s nice to see someone else also sticking up for what they believe in.


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