Today I’m 10,000 days old on my favourite planet, the Earth.

What kind of weirdo keeps track of such a milestone (if I can call it that), you say? Well I thought that too.

Many months ago, when I was utterly jobless and surfing the net, I chanced upon a site which gave weird stats like this one. I had subconsciously kept a reminder for this day and conveniently forgot about it.

Until today. When my phone beeped to wish me ‘Happy 10,000th day’.

I was like “Huh?”. It took a few seconds for me to completely comprehend what I was reading.

It brought a smile to my face when I thought about my stupid self setting a reminder for this day. Being 10,000 days old is probably not a great achievement. Nothing to celebrate either.

But I already crossed 18. And then 25. Probably the next milestone would be the half-century. Until then I might as well contend myself with an intermediate one. :p

10,000 days on Planet Earth. And what have I achieved thus far? Though not a complete failure, I’m still skeptical about myself. Have I done enough? Have I seen enough? Have I touched enough hearts? Have I actually achieved something?

Maybe yes. Maybe not so much. Either way, I probably have another 10,000 at least (I hope). And I may as well use this day to remind myself to do more, see more, be a better person. After all, what else is life?


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