How replaceable am I?

People often gauge their achievements by the amount they have earned and learned or the success they have achieved.

My own version of achievement (which I myself discovered recently) is that I cannot judge my success. I frankly don’t know what is that threshold which will give me the, “Ah! Finally!’ feeling.

That made me think. And I came to a simple conclusion. How replaceable am I?

It may be at work or with personal relationships or any damn situation. If I am replaceable, then I am not fit to be in that place; I have not reached my goal. If someone would miss my work or my presence – now that would be something.

But then again, that would be being selfish.

I am confused all over again!


One thought on “How replaceable am I?”

  1. You do have a point of discussion! We realized over the years that everything, we repeat, ‘everything’ is replaceable. Even our thoughts, which we once used to hold. Had nothing been replaced, nothing would have changed. However, replaceable does not necessarily mean to forget. 🙂


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