Happy Birthday

To the philosopher who had unearthed the definition of life

To the dreamer who belonged in a world much ahead of ours

To the gentleman who led his life on principles

To the joker who made us laugh through times good and bad

To the teacher who knowingly and unknowingly taught us lessons of life

To the friend who created memories to last a lifetime

To the guy who stood by his friends, come what may

To the man who was one when we were still boys

To the guide who made me understand the true meaning of my existence

To the legend I idolize

To Pranam. Happy birthday bro. Wherever you are, I know you are watching us. I know I am not hallucinating when I hear your booming voice in my head egging me on, just like the old times. Coz I don’t believe you are gone. I will keep hoping that you will return soon and surprise all of us with that naughty smile of yours and say, ‘I was only kidding, I was amongst you the whole time!’ If you are really joking, please stop it and come back soon. The world needs people like you. We need you. Till then, stay happy wherever you are.  Miss you bro.