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That feeling!

So I’m back to The Garden City. And it’s deja vu time! Re-living my days spent here back in 2010. Bengaluru has grown like an obese child, bursting at its seams. Traffic has gone from bad to worse. Ill planned infrastructure is now haunting the residents even as the largely apathetic administration struggles to keep pace.

Politics aside.. It’s crazy.. that feeling. Then and now.. How you feel that you were so young and naive whenever you look at your younger self! The struggle to get into residency, the struggle to grow older, the fascination of the future.

But half a decade later, I still feel unfinished and incomplete. Life never ceases to amaze you and surprise you. And maybe this instability is what keeps you going and striving towards perfection. Otherwise, wouldn’t life be so boring? 🙂


Happy Birthday

To the philosopher who had unearthed the definition of life

To the dreamer who belonged in a world much ahead of ours

To the gentleman who led his life on principles

To the joker who made us laugh through times good and bad

To the teacher who knowingly and unknowingly taught us lessons of life

To the friend who created memories to last a lifetime

To the guy who stood by his friends, come what may

To the man who was one when we were still boys

To the guide who made me understand the true meaning of my existence

To the legend I idolize

To Pranam. Happy birthday bro. Wherever you are, I know you are watching us. I know I am not hallucinating when I hear your booming voice in my head egging me on, just like the old times. Coz I don’t believe you are gone. I will keep hoping that you will return soon and surprise all of us with that naughty smile of yours and say, ‘I was only kidding, I was amongst you the whole time!’ If you are really joking, please stop it and come back soon. The world needs people like you. We need you. Till then, stay happy wherever you are.  Miss you bro.

First impressions

First impressions generally tend to sway towards extremes of good or bad. You either feel “Wow, he is so awesome!”, or “OMG! She is so beautiful” or “This place is so boring”.

I may be wrong, but this is what I generally experience. And sometimes it is better left at that. Because there is a dark side to everyone, which is better left unexplored.

I also usually have very strong first impressions about people/places/things. And more often than not, it takes a lot of effort to change that.

For eg, if I have a bad first impression about XYZ, it takes my mind a lot of convincing and suppression to accept later on that he is actually quite amicable.

Call me judgemental, but unfortunately (or fortunately), that’s how I work. My emotions are impulsive and rigid. It is hard to change.


Today I’m 10,000 days old on my favourite planet, the Earth.

What kind of weirdo keeps track of such a milestone (if I can call it that), you say? Well I thought that too.

Many months ago, when I was utterly jobless and surfing the net, I chanced upon a site which gave weird stats like this one. I had subconsciously kept a reminder for this day and conveniently forgot about it.

Until today. When my phone beeped to wish me ‘Happy 10,000th day’.

I was like “Huh?”. It took a few seconds for me to completely comprehend what I was reading.

It brought a smile to my face when I thought about my stupid self setting a reminder for this day. Being 10,000 days old is probably not a great achievement. Nothing to celebrate either.

But I already crossed 18. And then 25. Probably the next milestone would be the half-century. Until then I might as well contend myself with an intermediate one. :p

10,000 days on Planet Earth. And what have I achieved thus far? Though not a complete failure, I’m still skeptical about myself. Have I done enough? Have I seen enough? Have I touched enough hearts? Have I actually achieved something?

Maybe yes. Maybe not so much. Either way, I probably have another 10,000 at least (I hope). And I may as well use this day to remind myself to do more, see more, be a better person. After all, what else is life?

I am sober – and I’m proud of it.

Yes, I don’t drink. So what?

Certain people do certain things. And certain people don’t do certain things. It’s a personal preference.

“You don’t drink? Seriously?”   Yes, I don’t. Is it so hard to believe? Just because you have a weak mind and tipple to lower your inhibitions, doesn’t make me less of a person. In fact, I may more likely have a stronger mind than you do.

“Drinking is a sign of the ‘real man’. Don’t be a sissy.”   A ‘real man’ doesn’t require alcohol to face his problems or to have fun. I attempt to solve my problems on my own without depending on spirits. Time to return to ‘real’ity, sir.

“C’mon, don’t be shy. Try it.”   I don’t shy away from drinking per se. I shy away from the thought of letting booze take control of my actions. You are already wasted. Don’t waste another life.

“You are missing out on the good part of life.”   I am happy the way I am. If there is anything that can make me happier, alcohol is the last thing on that list.

“Hey, I’m sorry for what I said/did last night. That wasn’t me. That was the alcohol talking.”   Be a man and own up to what you said/did. You probably deserve double the punishment.

“A li’l alcohol is actually good for your body.”   Well, so is exercise and a balanced diet. When was the last time you jogged and ate healthy on a regular basis?

“You need to drink to socialize.”   No. You need to be social to socialize. Alcohol, on the other hand, can unmask the ‘anti-social’ in you.

It pains me to see a person ‘drinking for fun’ turn to ‘occasional drinker’ turn to ‘social drinker’  which most often culminates in ‘addiction’.

Problems? If alcohol was a problem-solver, then beer barons would have been saints. Isn’t it wiser to face your problems than use alcohol as a shield.

Fun? There are a million other things in life to do for fun which are better (and inexpensive) substitutes. Hobbies, trips, friends, books… An addiction to these is welcome!

Lastly, how about this…

  • Is there anyone who you have ever respected/loved MORE because they drank?
  • Is there anyone who you’ve respected/loved more because they DIDN’T drink?

If you answered YES and NO respectively, maybe you and I are two very different people!

The very fact that I chose to write a post explaining myself is proof that something is not right. The mindset, to put it bluntly.

Think. Retrospect. Choose.

If you still think there is a valid justification, you have all the rights to continue. But, you most certainly do not have the right to belittle someone sober.

Because I am sober – and I’m proud of it.

[PS: If you drink, this post should offer you a different point of view. If you are sober, you are most probably in the same train as me. Either way, do share your thoughts.]

10 years… What a journey!

My Alma Mater
My Alma Mater

August 2, 2004: My first day in JNMC.

August 2, 2014: Today.


10 years ago, on a typical rainy day in Belgaum, I walked the campus for the first time, not knowing then that, that would be my home for many more years to come. As I walked through those gates.. the pride.. the rush of emotions.. it is indeed a vivid memory… A first-timer can’t be but mesmerized by the lush greenery, sprawling lawns, tall trees and a building bearing the name ‘Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College’. My head kept turning everywhere to capture the beauty of the campus around me and my face could not disguise the awe that I felt. I was to be a part of a legacy that was more than four decades old – and for a privately run medical institute, that says a lot.

A mere three days ago, I was all set to be an engineer graduating from GIT. And yet there I was, walking Continue reading 10 years… What a journey!

Catching up!

Chaddi buddies

July wasn’t in vain after all. Yeah! After spending thousands of my non-earned money and travelling countless miles across the country for a mission that eventually remained unfinished..

At least I met two of my closest buds from childhood. And that did compensate for a whole lot of frustration! Discussing things, incidents and people from school and college was more exciting than I ever thought it would be. The blabber was so effortless and spontaneous. Brought back good old memories (and a few bad ones too, if I may call them that).

To all who knew me back then, I’d like to stay in touch guys. If you happen to come across me anywhere, do give me a call or leave a message. It’d definitely be fun to catch up. So long amigos!