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DON(‘t upd)ATE.

The dictionary defines ‘donate’ as ‘to give (money or goods) for a good cause, for example to a charity’.

I wish for all the people to actually understand what that means. Because in the wake of the recent Ice Bucket Challenge, the word seems to have lost its meaning.

Donating for a good cause is a noble deed. Any kind of donation – monetary, social support and even just your time – is valuable.

But, I bet all of you saw (and continue to see) the challenge supporting the ALS group. Donate 100 bucks or save 90, take the challenge and nominate 3 others. The idea in itself, I must say, was quite interesting in that the nomination chain kept continuing ensuring more donations.

Where it got irritating was when facebookers started trolling it and started using it as a joke. It just poked fun on the diseased adding insult to injury.

I am not implying that one disease is more serious and the other is trivial. A disease is a suffering, however less people it may inflict. No arguments there.

But there should certainly be a line, right? I don’t know if it’s just me, but my earnest advice is that if you really want to donate, donate. Not to update your FB status, but for the cause.

Donate. Don’t update.